My name is Brian Price. I'm a web and application developer. I focus my work mainly on working with PHP development, but I also have a firm understanding of many other languages (see "About Me"). I enjoy programming and focus mainly on security of websites as well as ensuring websites are created to run as fast, secure and reliably as possible.

I have been working with PHP for about 8 years. I have created many applications, from add-ons to Content Managment Systems (CMS) to built-from-scratch website solutions. Lately, I have been focusing on developing libraries which assist programmers in creating Content Management Systems from scratch.

Aside from programming, I also manage Linux and Windows operating systems, ensuring they are secure, with the highest uptime possible. I have worked with monitoring software, as well as have scripted applications for basic server / service monitoring in both Perl and Java.

This web page is a temporary web page until a full website is developed.

I will be adding tools to this website soon, and eventually migrating this website to the latest CMS I have been developing.

Thank you for visiting. My Blog will return shortly.

Brian Price